James Mega Trashing
Starring the following model:
"James gets his first mega trashing from the gungelads Master!"

Dressed in his England footie shirt, cap and white trackies, James is trashed with loads of pies and gunge in his very first gunging!

During the session James gets...

custard cream pies smashed into his face and over his head

covered in Chocolate Sauce

has his cap filled with rice pudding and porridge (oatmeal) and then placed back on his head!

Cold baked beans and custard slopped over his face and down his front

a funnel stuffed down the back of his trackies, which is then filled with slop!

lots of eggs smashed over his head and rubbed in

a bucket of thick green porridge (oatmeal) slopped over him

a bucket of thick blue slime

and so the list goes on!

There is so much slime that from time to time, the gungemaster has to use the shower to wash it off him, only for James to get even messier!

Then James looses his shirt and gets covered with more slop, including thick black treacle (molasses) which envelopes his face! Not t worry James, we'll just wash it off with more porridge and pies!

Finally James gets to roll around in all the slop that has built up in the bath!

The smile says it all, one very happy gungelad!

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Total size:308.21 MB
Total runtime:24 mins, 37 secs
Date added:4/21/17


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