Enjoy seeing guys getting gunged and pied? Our lads get the lot!
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Jamie Gets Trashed by Miles in a Messy Quiz Game!
Added 6/9/17    1644 views

1 review!
In a brand new show Jamie tries to win cash and avoid getting pied and gunged by Miles. All Jamie has to do is to select the right number from a board of twenty numbers to win the star prize. Unfortu...

Nickys Gunging Tips
Added 5/21/17    1113 views

Join gungemaster Nicky as he trashes Matt and Scott in sports and workmen kit! Nickys a bit of an expert when it comes to pieing and gunging and in this episode he gives us a few tips on how to get t...

Gungelads Games
Added 5/12/17    1324 views

7.7 MB
Three lads take turns to pick numbered balls out of a bucket of goo. The lowest number will get a gungy penalty from the other two! Pete is dressed in scally kit, complete with cap, Ian is sporting r...

James Mega Trashing
Added 4/21/17    1118 views

1 review!
Dressed in his England footie shirt, cap and white trackies, James is trashed with loads of pies and gunge in his very first gunging! During the session James gets... custard cream pies smashed into...

Will Gets an Easter Gunging from Phil
Added 4/14/17    1119 views

Will is looking forward to Easter hoping he will get a lot of chocolate, custard cream pies and other sweet delights. Gungemaster Phil makes sure he gets all of this and lots of other not so nice trea...

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James and Pete Messy Session
Added 1/27/17    1088 views

Rookie lad James meets up with Pete for his very first gunge session with another lad! Wearing footie kit, each lad picks out a numbered ball from a bucket of gunge, highest number gunges the other!...

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Pups, Pies and Pants
Added 3/31/17    1407 views

Nate, Dylan and Matt get turned in gungepups by "farmer" Nicky, Dylan gets plastered in pies and stripped to his pants and Nate plays the yes no game to avoid a very sticky forfeit that will ruin his...

Nate V Tim--Messy Gameshow, Part 2
Added 2/11/17    1246 views

1 review!
Nate and Tim play more messy games which sees them locked and pied in the stocks, trying to avoid getting covered in buckets of nasty food gunge and stuffing gungy balls into their bulging singlets!...

Petes Gunging Nightmares
Added 2/24/17    1424 views

Gungemaster Pete dishes out a very messy slapstick lesson to stooges Ben and Ollie in a parody of a popular American TV show! Newbies Ollie and Ben, soon learn that Pete takes his gunging very seriou...

Zack Gunges Chris, Andy, and Joel
Added 3/17/17    1656 views

Zack tricks Chris into stripping down to his jeans and getting locked in the stocks! Then, with the help of Andy, Chris gets a triple strawberry and custard cream pie sandwich in the face followed by...

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